Our Green Philosophy

When Persimmon Inn owners, Paul and Sue Fratianni, started down the path of opening a cozy inn in fall 2014 in the heart of downtown Bloomington, Indiana, they had no idea how far it would lead them. “My husband and I are avid environmentalists and wanted to offer something different to the community that supports the local Bloomington economy and treads lightly on the earth,” says proprietor Sue Fratianni. “Every choice we made, from the towels and bath amenities to the furnishings and breakfast fare, we sought out the highest quality local and environmentally friendly options to offer our guests.” It wasn’t easy, and certainly not cheap! Though, following their eco-friendly ideals has created something much greater than a place for travelers to rest their head. Recognized as a TripAdvisor GreenLeader, the Persimmon Inn creates an opportunity for travelers, businesses and community members alike to align their ideals with their dollars.

Most recently, the installation of solar panels in summer 2017 has taken them on the next step of their journey towards sustainability and zero waste.

Persimmon Inn is delighted to host monarch butterflies in their vibrant organic gardens which have been designated a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Their pledge to Lawns for Life, a community of Bloomington citizens whose lawns are toxin-free, has invited a wide variety of birds and insects including “Pete” the resident praying mantis guests may glimpse from the garden porch. There is plenty to take note of inside the inn as well, including the reception desk repurposed from bookcases, towels made of renewable bamboo, and hand made, organic bath amenities supplied by local soap maker Teehaus Bath & Body.

“My wife and I travel well together so building an Inn that reflected our ideals of treading lightly with the feel of luxury really spoke to our hearts,” says Paul Fratianni. “Many of our guests compliment us on the comfort of our beds which I take as an opportunity to boast that our mattresses are made right here in Indiana by Bowles Mattress Company.” Every choice they make, from supplying eco-friendly paper products and organic breakfast fare from the local Bloomingfoods co-op, to composting their food waste, leads this couple further down their path of modeling an environmentally sustainable business. They are also honored to be recognized as a "Veg-Friendly Business" by BloomingVeg and Green Business Supporter with the Hoosier Environmental Council.

What’s next for the eco-duo? They are giving back to the community through donations to local organizations such as the Sycamore Land Trust, Bloomington Community Orchard, Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, and the Center for Sustainable Living. They are also seeking partnerships with businesses and community organizations that support their eco-friendly mission. And they look forward to ongoing improvements to the inn.

With over 60 lodging choices registered with the Bloomington Visitors Center, the Persimmon Inn stands out as the option for travelers seeking a warm personal experience with an eco-friendly heart.

Rain barrel installed Spring 2017 keeps the gardens watered all season.

Persimmon Inn

412 W 4th Street

Bloomington, IN 47404

(812) 318-1280

Persimmon Inn pledges to create safe, toxin-free gardens.

Persimmon Inn

Our vibrant gardens attract a host of diverse wildlife. Guests will delight in the monarch butterflies and glimpse praying mantis.